This is a bit about my work and how doing the things in technology and the life.

I live in México, I have the degree in computer sciences, I am certificated in Adobe Flex at 2011, today call it Apache Flex; In other ideas, I like the music and play the piano since 11 years old, I like Scrum in everything, cooking, playing or doing a big project.

Recent projects

Recently I been working in a few projects, to industry of construction, a project management in mechanical department and repair. In the government, doing a mobile game and a FAQ with the new justice in México. in the kids entertainment industry, doing a systems of tickets to let the acces to de game area. Before this, woking with projects to the state government of Hidalgo doing a systems of school management a level state and others projects with the same level..

Mobile Game: Justo y Memo

Mobile App: Quiz

Nok: Project Management

Review of Ruby On Rails 4

CONEST: Control Escolar Estatal en Hidalgo

A3: Agenda

About Me

I born in México D.F. happily married with a special woman called Liz, the mother of my children, I only have 2 kids, I graduated of Universidad Tecmilenio in 2007 with the degree of computer systems engineer, I'm a Adobe Certificate Expert in Flex 4.5 and I'm a manager of Adobe User Group in the place that I live.

I believe in God and his son Jesus and that He cleaned my sins and He gave me a new live. For this reason I work in a church sharing about the gospel of salvation.


If you want to communicate with me about my work, I'll feel so happy to talk about that and of course, about the others topics. @carast in twitter carast in facebook